Aaron Douglas

A former dirty cop fresh out of prison, bent on getting revenge on the partner who sold him out. A fastidious idea man not comfortable with violence. As in, he doesn’t love being the one being violent.

Aaron’s Credits Include:

– Battlestar Galactica (SyFy)
– Hemlock Grove (Netflix)
– Dirk Gently (BBC America)
– The Flash (CW)

Jesse Lipscombe

Penner’s hired gun. Former military man who doesn’t share Penner’s violence issues. He’s got one job, pull the trigger. And he’s good at it. The only side he’s on is his own. He’s the wild card, here.

Jesse’s Credits Include:

– It’s Not My Fault and I Don’t Care Anyway
– Resurrecting the Champ
– Truckstop Bloodsuckers

Stafford Perry
“Rand Nicholls”

Penner’s former partner. Ratted on Penner then went into Witness Protection, before going off the grid. Rand has seen the error of his ways and settled into a new, lower-key life… and wants to keep it that way.

Stafford’s Credits Include:

– Blood Mountain
– Klondike
– Seasoned Theatre Actor

Chantal Perron

Rand’s ex. Has a history of being opportunistic when it comes to her relationships with men. Wynter has hit on hard times, and isn’t above using her feminine wiles to get what she wants.

Chantal’s Credits Include:

– Fargo (FX)
– Heartland (CBC)
– The Right Kind of Wrong

Brady Roberts

Small-town loner who desperately wants to fit in and be noticed. Shunned by Rand and the others, he is quick to jump into the fray when given the opportunity, even if it feels ill-advised.

Brady’s Credits Include:

– Arrow (CW)
– Lucifer (Fox)
– Nightwing

Shaun Johnston

A (very) liberal man of the church with ties to Rand’s past. Reverend Rickman facilitated Rand’s fresh start and could be about to feel the consequences of his kindness.

Shaun’s Credits Include:

– Heartland (CBC)
– Wynonna Earp (SyFy)
– September Dawn

Matt Watterworth

Matt has been directing performances since he attended the Victoria School of Performing and Visual Arts in 2001. He majored in Producing/Directing at SAIT Polytechnic (from which we won the “Outstanding Young Alumnus” Award in 2015) and went on to spend 4 years with Canada’s seventh-largest production company, SEVEN24 Films. Matt has directed numerous short films, web series, music videos and hundreds of commercial videos.

Kevin Doree

Kevin brings a fresh, unique voice to the filmmaking industry. He is a passionate writer, having now written seven feature-length screenplays and numerous short films and web series. Kevin has also spent years building his acting resume and has a recurring background role on CBC’s Heartland. Kevin met Matt and Scott in 2011, and they have collaborated on several projects, from In Plainview to the upcoming crime comedy Jonesin’.

Scott Westby

Scott has a rare blend of experience in both filmmaking and marketing. After film school, Scott spent years as a Senior Communications Strategist at a Calgary marketing firm, consulting on full-spectrum branding and marketing campaigns. Scott brings a market-minded approach to every film, and as a co-founder of Full Swing Productions, Scott has Produced hundreds of commercial videos for local, national and international brands.