Luke Azevedo on Calgary’s unique selling point

The city’s Film, Television and Creative Industries commissioner on the lure of sprawling vistas and a new film centre, but the challenge of competing with Toronto and Vancouver for talent.

LA head shot Nov 2010As 2016 comes to a close, Playback is speaking with film commissioners across the country about their successes of the past year, and what their goals are for 2017. First, we chatted with Montreal commissioner Daniel Bissonnette. Next up, a discussion with Luke Azevedo, Film, Television and Creative Industries commissioner for the city of Calgary. Eleven film and TV series have filmed in Calgary so far this year, he said, including six foreign and seven domestic productions. 

What were some of the major successes of the past year? 

The biggest was the building of the Calgary Film Centre, which has purpose-built sound stages. Having purpose-built facilities really…

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