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Aaron Douglas Seeks Revenge in New Poster

Revenge and wrath take centre stage in the new poster for In Plainview. Designed by photography guru Derek Heisler, we wanted to portray the film’s gritty, vengeful tone and include Aaron Douglas as a man with nothing to lose, out for revenge.

After a short conversation about the movie, Derek disappeared for a few weeks, and came back to us with this amazing, eye-catching image.

Official Poster for the Revenge Crime Thriller “In Plainview”

We fell in love with the poster instantly. Derek is excellent at eliciting an emotional response, but he also delved into In Plainview’s story to incorporate deeper meaning into his design. From the simplicity and impact to the gradient tagline and the bullet hole in the wordmark, the poster hits on so many levels.

When we asked about his process, Derek said, “Vengeance and Anger play large roles in “In Plainview” and I wanted to hint at that emotional response in the brand and marketing materials. A lot of players, a lot of intricate webs, suspense and action. Weaving that into the wordmark as broken glass from a bullet hole, resembling a web, helps portray that narrative.”

Check out more of Derek Heisler’s work at www.derekheisler.com.

Poster design by Derek Heisler. Photography by Kara Artym.

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